Clarisonic scams and how to avoid them

You should only really buy a Clarisonic product from a reputable distributor, so if there was a fault, you could get a replacement.

With a fake clarisonic, you do not know where this device came from, how safe it is, who put it together and in what working condition that person is working in.

With all the Clarisonic models, you submerge them at least a bit in water, with the PLUS and PRO models you can take them into the shower. You really need to trust a device that is meant to be waterproof.

Although these fakes seem to be backward engineered to work very similarly, it has been made illegally, with cheap materials.  You will not get the same results with a fake Clarisonic, of course it will wash your face, it is a brush. It moves. But the Sonic system that has taken a long time to develop will not be included with any knock off Clarisonic.

Here is an example of a fake clarisonic eBay listing.

 As you can see, it is a bid listing, not a buy it now listing.

The seller is in HongKong, they may offer free posting.

They have used images from the internet instead of photos.

The listing will end in a few hours, and the total bid will be margins less than the full price for a genuine Clarisonic Mia, $40 is too cheap for a real one.

Some sellers of fake Clarisonic’s are more clever, they will use a real photo, and the price will be higher.

If that has not put you off and you are absolutely intent on buying one from eBay, here are some tips:

Make sure not to look at products that ship from Malaysia, Hong Kong or similar.

Check out the seller’s rating, if they have a high rating, they will want to protect their rating, so if you were to receive a fake, they would be more likely to issue a refund.  If the seller has only a couple of sales, they will not care, even if eBay cancels their account, they will simply create a new one.

Read the feedback on the seller’s profile. 100% positive is a good indication that the seller is genuine.

Send a message to the seller asking a few questions, their response may give you some insight into the type of person you are dealing with.

Use common sense, research how much a new Clarisonic costs to buy from a shop, if the price is more that $30 under, it will most likely be a scam.

As with buying anything on eBay or online, if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Second hand Clarisonics are not a bad choice, look at the photos, description and the seller’s other items to make a judgement on their sincerity.

If you have already bought your Clarisonic from eBay and are concerned that it may be a fake, read our article on how to tell if your Clarisonic is fake.

If you’re certain you have bought a fake, please head to the Clarisonics Name and Shame and let other people know where you bought it from and prevent someone else being scammed.

Hopefully, I have put you off buying from eBay all together, in that case, why not head on over to the best places to buy your Clarisonic.


  • Think this one is scam too - avoid this website (it looks like bona fide clarisonic – obviously just cut and pasted from US clarisonic)- they are also a scam…I bought online but after a few hours thought their billers were strange – they confirmed payment from and the english in the confirmation was not too good – be aware – also the bank said that my payment had been AUD$ convcerted into foreign payment and well you know the rest…also they had 30% off – I SHOULD have known!!

    JemimaMay 22, 2013

    Hopefully got in quick enough to cancel the order – have asked bank to putpyament on hold – this was reply from website customer service
    “here we can cancel the order.after your order was paid success, the Gleepay third party will take some processing fee and the processing fee will not be paid back even you cancel the order. pls understand. All of our products are from factory directly, with authentic quality and original packages. Our products are highly praised by our customers worldwide and largely seize in market of Europe and America, like UK, USA .etc. if you would like to keep the order,here we can offer some discount for you.thanks.
    So could you pls tell us you want to keep it or cancel it?then we can go ahead.thanks.hope to hear from you,soon.

    Do you think it’s a scam?????? Make up your own minds…..

    JemimaMay 22, 2013
  • I purchased my Clarisonic on eBay. It was the Mia, priced at $69. This model would usually cost $119 at Sephora or on the Clarisonic site. The seller had almost 8000 ratings and 99.2% positive feedback. I wasn’t too worried because of these high ratings, but when I looked at the .08% of negative feedback he had, I saw people saying that the product was fake or that they tried entering the lot number online and they were told that it was invalid. I started getting a little worried. I even searched for the seller’s name and saw it in the comments on the “Name and Shame” post on this site. The commenter said that she purchased it from this seller and tried entering the lot number and found out that it was a fake.

    However, when the item arrived, I immediately entered the lot number onto the Clarisonic site and it was confirmed as a genuine product. I even got $25 off my next purchase.

    FDJuly 26, 2013

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