How to tell if your Clarisonic is fake

disappointment So you think you might have a fake Clarisonic…?

You have most likely bought your Clarisonic from eBay or another online store.

Here are some indications that your Clarisonic is a knock off.

  • Misalignment of the horizontal brackets ((S)) above and below the ‘S’ on the Clarisonic logo.
  • The “C” and “l” are closer together, not evenly spaced letters in the logo.
  • Remnants of plastic inside or around the holes where the red or green lights are.
  • Lack of ‘Clarisonic’ branding on the brush covers
  • Lack of documentation in the box
  • Plastic prongs on the inside of the device, instead of proper metal ones.
  • The Clarisonic does not function as it should, perhaps does not beep, has no ‘Timer’ or never fully charges.
  • Fake brushes are still soft, but some are described as bristly, or sometimes rough.
  • Lack of proper seals on the skincare products.
  • The skincare products have no smell / the skin refiner has no ‘beads’. (Do not use these products, they could contain ANYTHING!)
  • The Clarisonic is not giving you results/ your face is not squeaky clean after using.
  • The packaging it came in was crumpled, or cheap looking print.
  • The paging says it was made in USA but the parcel shipped from China.

There is also a possibility that your Clarisonic is not fake, but has been reconditioned, or fixed, with new but fake brush heads attached.

Here are some indictions that the Clarisonic is not new.

  • Marks where the device has been opened at the sides.
  • Scratches, or dirt anywhere on the device.
  • The brush heads are hard to remove or put on.
  • You were able to register the product on the website
  • The Clarisonic never fully charges and runs out after a single use.
  • It does not function correctly/ seems faulty / will not turn off.
  • These reconditioned Clarisonics are often Rusting on the inside, and they could be potentially dangerous as any electrical device that is submerged in water needs to be checked properly.

keep_calm_and_carry_on_original_poster-re12036ab5c8d46ffb3cea801b2a7fdb3_1zu5_400So if you have many of these indications, my advice to you is, if you can, try to get a refund, this will normally mean you must send the product back.

Another option is to call the Clarisonic customer care: 1-888-525-2747 (US) to see if they can help you. I have not had much luck with this, as they suggest you send the Clarisonic to them for testing, but there is no way to be sure you will get it fixed/ replaced as you do not hold the original receipt, and they will not replace a fake.

If you are unable to get a refund, you can report the shop or seller that you bought the product from. Then at least you can stop this from happening to other people.

It is really disheartening to be sold a fake product of any kind, you feel let down and betrayed. You have given these people your hard earned cash and they have given you a possibly faulty, ethically questionable product.

The best thing you can do is use it to clean your toes/polish your shoes/clean your keyboard and move on, learn from the mistake, save up and buy a proper, brand spanking new, uber warantee’d, genuine Clarisonic from here. :D


  • I just purchased a mia2 on eBay and would NEVER have suspected it were fake! The packaging looked like what I had seen at ULTA, it had the “clarisonic” labeling on all of the parts, it had the metal prongs, the funky shaped charger, EVERYTHING. , everything was IDENTICAL to the real one I purchased today to compare. i got suspicious because I saw a YouTube video and noticed the unit pulsed twice and did a beep-ish sound so I wanted to buy a real one in case the girl in the video had a diff model . The one I got on eBay only pulsed once between timers. After purchasing a REAL Mia2, these are the differences I noticed in addition to the pulsing:1) the fake one did NOT have the lights on the back of the handle(red and green lights in the spot where the inside of your palm would be touching while in use. ) 2) the travel case did not lock together as well and was white when it was supposed to be the color of the Mia2, the lettering on the back of the brush that said Mia2 was slightly thicker than on the real one. 3) after further comparison of the packaging, the colors of the boxes are slightly different. 4) the literature packet is missing the part on the very last page that says “register your product” and provides info on registration. 5) the brush heads are slightly rougher. 6) the sound of the 2 brushes is slightly different.

    I’m sure if Iook at them again I will find more inconsistencies, but I’m telling you, this is a great counterfeit and even made my skin feel a lot better in the week I used it. HOWEVER, the REAL mia get my skin much smoother and feels much less a abrasive on my face while in use.

    BOTTOM LINE: just save up the extra $30-50 bux and buy the clarisonic from an authorized retailer or directly from clarisonic. (If u buy it from the we site you can have it engraved with your name on it which is kinda cool). The only reason I even came across fake ones being out there is because after I started using it I was more curious about results other people had and stumbled upon some blogs about theirs being fake.

    Also, I think the one speed without the timer is the best bang for ur buck… The timer is a little annoying cuz I need like one more second longer than it gives me on each section to feel like I got everywhere so I end up ignoring them and having to turn it back on for a few seconds. And I always keep it on low. I don’t think the higher speed is really necessary for a face… U less its a man with facial hair or being used on the body. Hope this helps!!!

    JessicaApril 7, 2013
  • Hi, so I bought Clarisonic Aria through ebay and was able to register the product on clarisonic website. Does that mean it’s a fake/used one???:S

    Parky (@sparkytwinkle)August 22, 2013
    • It could mean it is legitimate, or it could be a reconditioned used one. I don’t think fakes can be registered, but I could be wrong. If it looks like the real deal, has all the functions, works well, has no scratches, genuine brush heads, nice smelling products, then I would say it is legit :)

      Chrissy @ The Clarisonic ReviewAugust 22, 2013
    • i just bought my mia 2, and i dont know how to check register on the website to find out wheather it is fake or not. please tell me how?

      PrizcaOctober 29, 2013
  • I got mine from amazon, from flosale seller for $153. My sister has one which she git from macy’s. i compared mine to hers and noticed that my cord is off white hers is supe white that looks like the same color of yhe stand… The printing at the back of the magnetic charger is too light, the letters are thin too. The bottom of the stand does not have rubber on each point. With these issues… Is it fake?

    RiaOctober 5, 2013
  • I got one from and it registered fine. Looks legit, fingers crossed it’s not refurbished? It looks new……

    NikkiJanuary 11, 2014
  • Hello!

    I bought my ARIA online before finding it could be a fake. Then, being the price too good to be true I decided to do a research and found you online. Thanks a mill for the hints. My CC company will refund / dispute if it is a fake.

    I ticked almost all boxes: coming from Hong Kong, no communication from Seller etc… Until they sent me a nice email and promptly dispatched it via DHL (after 10 days it must be said!).

    So, it just arrived today, very promptly.

    I am glad to report it seems to be the original, assembled in USA and so on. I opened it and it is brand new inside, metal prongs etc. It looks very pretty since I have picked the Red Apple model!

    Serial Number is fine, and I managed to register it in the official US site. I also bought 2 replacement brushes and they all have the Clarisonic embossed logo in the lids and came sealed in the cute Clarisonic boxes.

    I am impressed at how smooth those brushes are! At the moment I am charging it, but already working, so I might use it in half an hour for the 1st time!

    The site I bought was:

    I am in Ireland, by the way.

    Thank you!!! :)

    Andrea MarquesMarch 31, 2014
  • The fake ones look very real and also have Clarisonic written on it. I have been scammed twice by buying brush heads on eBay. So now I know what to look for. I did get my money back though. I seriously suggest just saving up the money and buying your Clarisonic and brush heads only from Clarisonic. That way you’re sure.

    ElisabethMay 30, 2014

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