Is this a fake Clarisonic Plus?

Here is a Clarisonic Plus, purchased on eBay.

I purchased this myself. With my own hard earned cash… not realising that fake Clarisonics existed.

The first thing I noticed when I un packed the Clarisonic was that the brush covers had no “Clarisonic” embossed onto them.

They also feel different, not very, but the quality is slightly lower.





The prongs inside are metal, so that is encouraging.

There is a small plastic bit, on the outside of one of the lights.


I can see a pretty large scratch on the bottom, also there is dirt marks on the base.


The only thing I can see odd with the packaging is that the 3 small ones are 2010, and the larger skin refiner is 2009.


The skin refiner is also not full, and the seal was not on properly and is sort of stuck in the lid..

All of the skincare products have little to no smell. The skin refiner has no beads. All of the seals were not properly attached, they were just floating on top.

I washed my hands with one of the products and they felt dry like I had used a really cheap hand wash in a restroom -_-


Here are the brushes. If they are fakes, they are very good ones! The only thing I noticed is that the body brush was very hard to attach to the Clarisonic. Obviosly there is no “Clarisonic” on the covers.



This is the base, as you can see if you click the images to get a larger preview, the base is obviously not new, there is damage to the bottom of it, marks on the front and sides.


Here is the box, the box seemed fine, a bit low quality perhaps. The printing is slightly blurry. The date on it says 2009.


I charged the Clarisonic over night, in the morning it was still flashing.

When you turn it on it makes the usual sound, 3 beeps, and a normal sounding buzzing noise. After 20 seconds had passed, there was no timer beep, it did not pause either.

I looked up the Timer function online. In the PDF of the documents (which weren’t in the box) it said there are different modes, “hold down the power button for 2 seconds and release to change the mode.”

I have tried lots of holding the button down methods, and there is no change in what it does… bummer!

All the modes seem to work, there is just no Timer.

I have been using it for a few days, it cleans my face very well, I obviously am using my own skincare products.

When you attach the body brush, it makes the usual different sound, it has the 2 modes, turn slightly or just vibrate.

I have used it in the shower, and it seems ok, cleans well.

After using it for around 10 minutes however, it makes some strange beeping noises, sometimes the mode buttons do not work, it won’t stop, it won’t turn on or it thinks the face brush is on when it has the body brush attached.


I don’t believe the system is a fake, I think it is most likely a model that someone has sent back to get a replacement, as it’s functions are erratic, as if it needed fixing.  I do think that the brushes and skincare products are fake. I don’t want to think about what is in the skincare bottles. Could be anything.

I came to this conclusion because if the system were fake, it would still be new, and the charging base is very obviously NOT. There are also marks and small scratches that you could probably see after clicking the images.  Also the system never fully charges, it just continues flashing.


The End

I will keep using this until I have saved up enough cash to buy one from Myer, which is a bit like Sephora in Australia.


UPDATE 7th Oct 2012

It stopped working 2 days ago. I charged it and left it incase it came back to life. It didn’t. So I thought I’d open it to see what condition it was in inside.


Click for larger image.

As you can see, it is rusted, very rusted. It has either got too wet, or the batteries have finally given up.

Did I just take pictures of my old Clrisonic Plus? No.. I was sold this 2 weeks ago as new!

Did I ask for my money back? Yes, Did I get a response? No, Does eBay care? No

I think its pretty sad..


Thanks to a commenter, Alison, I can now see that the ‘L’ in CLARISONIC on the device itself is not perfectly spaced in between the C and A. So not only is this an older faulty model, it is also Fake!! Why couldn’t they have just sent a fake one, why an old fake one… -_-

I would love to hear from you if you have had a similar experience or if you can tell me for sure if it is real or a fake!


  • Thanks for posting my review, hope it helps someone maybe :)

    ChrissySeptember 28, 2012
    • No problem, I think you are lucky it works at all, when you have bought a real one, perhaps you could compare them for us.


      The Clarisonic Review TeamOctober 1, 2012
  • Oh my gosh! I have a very similar experience!! I bought a Mia on Amazon, through a seller that was fulfilled by Amazon (whatever that really means..) When it arrived the shipping box was fine, but the clarisonic box looked like it had seen war. I unpacked everything and noticed a little dirt on the charger and kind of a small almost invisible scuff on the unit, but I just thought it was normal. Everything else seemed totally fine. My refreshing gel cleanser was dated 2010, so I just assumed it was a really old unit… It works fine which is great, but when I went to register it, INVALID! Of course only then did I give in to my suspicions that I got duped. I looked through all the sellers reviews, and I wasn’t the only person to complain. Then I watched unboxing videos…. Totally different packaging. :( My story end happily though, I processed a return and contacted Amazon. They said throw it away and here’s a full refund! So I have a free but sketchy Clarisonic. Like yours I believe it to be legit, but a refurb. I’m so sorry yours has broken and eBay is not helping :(

    AnnDecember 17, 2012
    • Thanks so much for your comment!

      Very lucky to receive a refund, I know a lot of people are being conned everyday, did yours have ‘Clarisonic’ branding on the brush covers?


      The Clarisonic Review TeamDecember 17, 2012
  • Yes, it does. I saw the post with the fake copycat you linked. Mine does have metal parts with the patent written on the inside and the correct logo too. So I really don’t suspect a fake, though I suppose it’s still totally possible with such amazing counterfeit technology out there. I was very lucky to get a refund. For this, I am forever loyal to Amazon, BUT I’ll never buy a clarisonic from them again… lol I was so disappointed when I realized something about the whole thing was just not quite right. I had no idea there were even fakes out there.

    AnnDecember 17, 2012
  • I had a similar experience, bought it on Ebay from Susan Varran, Hong Kong. It broke after 2 months of use, the on/off button stopped working. I had to return it at my cost for a replacement, which died the same death within 3 months…. Susan hasn’t been responding to my mails, due to the time lapsed I have no Ebay or Paypal protection. Just like you I had no idea there are fake products out there. It looks very legitimate, the prongs holding the brush in place have rusted though. I contacted Clarisonic and they confirmed they didn’t manufacture my model…. :(

    I have no Clarisonic, no refund and I feel betrayed. It will be a very long time before I can afford one again.

    GraceJanuary 9, 2013
  • I bought my Clarisonic online from a US seller and it was pretty much a repeat of the Amazon counterfeit. Seems legit (looks exactly as it should, brand names where it should be) but it is not. So just a forewarning to anyone who is thinking about forking over $85 on Ebay save yourself the trouble for $10 more you can go to and use a promo code to get a Mia for around $95 with free shipping. So to repeat: even US sellers on Ebay are selling fake Clarisonics that look and sound like the real thing but ARE NOT.

    AmandaFebruary 8, 2013
    • Hi, thanks for your comment and for letting us know :)

      The Clarisonic Review TeamFebruary 8, 2013
  • I bought a fake Clarisonic Mia and it had no “Clarisonic Mia” label on the back of the device. The Clarisonic number on the box was also a fake (I called it to make sure, went to some random number). The seller kept assuring me it was real, until I provided her with pictures to prove it was obviously fake. Then she just ignored me lol! I opened a case with eBay and won. I sent that sucker back and got my refund! How come eBay didn’t care for you? With these pictures, you surely would have won your case! Sorry, doll!

    jerkApril 4, 2013
  • Im going through the same thing with a Toronto retailer on ebay, he said he was shocked its a fake, told me he would pay for return and money back gave me phony address, packagr is on its way back to me have to pay to get the piece of s@@t back, from post office opened case with ebay and paypal will let u know the out come paid 140

    AdamApril 5, 2013
  • ive had my clarisonic plus (ebay) for long enough for me not to remember where i got it from. bought it last year, which seems a long time but honestly…… ive hardly used it. it seemed hard to turn on to begin with, i thought it was just me. when i went to use it last month i couldnt turn it on at all. charged it… the lights have always flashed…. but nothing. there is no clarisonic on the brush caps?. it has P11651B stamped on the base. those little metal pins (3) where the brush head fixes though, quickly got what looks like rust around them which i was not impressed with. it never occurred to me that it would be anything other than what it said it was till i read your post………….. and i now realise i dont know what a real clarisonic looks like to compare. may have got mine from a seller in hongkong – i cant remember. i am going to contact ebay, even if only to let them know…….

    donnaApril 9, 2013
  • Adam, who was your seller? I’m currently in the same situation with another Toronto seller

    AlbertApril 13, 2013
  • There are lots of fake one on eBay. There is an article from eBay on this issue. See this

    AricaMay 1, 2013
  • Totally fake, as the number on the box (585) is different than the real Clarisonic customer service number (525–the correct number on the unit itself)!

    TinaMay 10, 2013
  • Oh dear…I just received a Clarisonic Mia 2 from Toronto ebayer benaswtomiye. Albert, is yours a fake?? Did he give you your money back?

    KellyMay 17, 2013
    • It was a discount place, was it shipped from golf world? Then that’s him had to open a case and send it to qubec, then they sent ir back, but I got my money back from paypal, u can tell the fskes it does not agitate well, my new one can take the skin off lol, it just kept charging the fake and worked some times or just beepes 3 times

      AdamMay 17, 2013
      • Crap! Just checked and it is from golf world. :( I’m still gonna call tomorrow to check but im almost positive its fake. So he wouldnt give you your money back directly? You had to go through paypal? Did you pay the shipping? How long did it take to get money back? Hopefully you gave him a negative review on ebay! He guaranteed me it was real.That really sucks.

        KellyMay 17, 2013
  • I called clarisonic canada and it is indeed a fake. The seller is not responding so I have an open case with paypal. I gave him a negative review and ebay is going to investigate his store. To the others who have had issues with benaswtomiye I urge you to contact ebay and file a complaint against him for selling imitation products. Also, did you guys leave negative feedback?

    KellyMay 18, 2013
  • Could you please tell me how you opened your Clarisonic? I want to open mine up and it seems impossible. Thanks!

    AmyJune 11, 2013
    • Hi Amy, I used a knife, and pried it open. I don’t suggest you do that unless… you want to prove that it is old like I did? :)

      It will void any warranty, and will make lots of scratches, you may not be able to get it back together.

      Chrissy @ The Clarisonic ReviewJune 11, 2013
  • The “L” in clarisonic should be evenly spaced like c l a r i s o n i c
    but in the first picture of the device, the “L” is right next to the “c” cl a r i s o n i c

    AlisonJuly 1, 2013
  • I’ve read through all the comments here, and I have something new to report!! I just bought a “100% Genuine” Clarisonic Plus in the Baby Pink colour from an Australian eBay seller (they are in Melbourne, I am in Tasmania). They offered free express shipping and it was $185 AUD instead of retail $285 aud. On other listings of their Mia models they are selling, they actually have a photo guide on how to spot a fake. So, I thought “Well, these guys must be legit!” – then tonight I asked them why they can sell the Plus so cheapely , if it is genuine – and they said it is BECAUSE THE T-TIMER SETTING CANNOT BE CHANGED – It is apparently LOCKED TO THE 2 MINUTE CYCLE. So now I am really worried!!!! And they said they cannot accept refunds or replacements because of this reason…. I know the Plus comes with the t-timer in the factory default setting of the 1 minute cycle , so how can the one I bought be genuine?! Has anyone else heard of this?! I’m really baffled.since I’ve been looking hard online and no one has said their Clarisonic is locked to being able to only use one of the t-timer cycles. Please help!!

    MollyAugust 26, 2014
  • anyone know tinabeautystore on ebay. I bought a pmd personal microderm from her it seem to be fake when i see pictures of the pmd.

    cynthiaSeptember 5, 2014
  • It can take 6 weeks for shipping , if you pay by credit card if you order something and lost it the insurance pay for it , I lose a sell phone and used my credit card to pay they reimbursed the money u have to send a Receipt , or u can tell em its a unauthorized purchase and then they got to refund , or just wait see if it comes

    AdamFebruary 14, 2014

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